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About us

HIMMEL-RENHOLD is a cleaning company that ensures that apartments, houses and company offices shine in everyday life

"I Never Get Tired Of The Blue Sky."

-Vincent Van Gogh

You long for balance in your life.
You want to feel calm and comfortable at home.
You want to wake up refreshed and relaxed every day.
You dream of a professional work zone and a harmonious interior that is adapted to your lifestyle and your
But you do not know where to start or you simply have a bad time.

We'll fix it for you.

We clean each room as if it was our own house or workplace.
We are not afraid of new challenges. We appreciate every detail.
Thanks to us, you regain control of your interior and fall in love with it again.

We are a married couple who established that company with passion.
For our family, we chose reliable people with a lot of experience so that we can meet your expectations.
We are ready to satisfy your wishes for a more orderly everyday life.
Find your place in the world with us.

Agata and Rafal
Himmel Renhold AS

Why us?

  1. Easy to order
  2. 100% satisfaction guarantee
  3. Reliable employees
  4. Competitive prices
  5. Approved cleaning company

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